gir cow ghee
Gir Cow Ghee

Gir cow is the best bread of cow in the world. It gives more milk than other breed cow on daily bases. It’s milk is also higher in quality. If gir cow is in the group of 3-4 then they are capable of fighting with lion. It’s milk contains more gold in milk then other cow’s milk. We feed them very good food everyday including ayurvedic medicines which makes it’s milk and ghee more magical.

Hindu Shastra says : “If you require to borrow money to eat Desi Cow Ghee, Then borrow money, but eat daily desi cow ghee.”

Gir Cow Ghee is made from the Pure Gir cow’s milk. The ghee is always produced by the bilona process. Most of times we make ghee by hand churned bilona process.

Gir Cow Ghee making process

  • Gir Cow Fresh Milk is stored in some container.
  • Then the little curd is added into the fresh milk. So the milk is converted into the curd within some hours.
  • Then we churn the curd and add hot or cold water based on the season.
  • By this process the butter is extracted from it and butter milk is remained as a by product.
  • The Butter is boiled and Gir Cow Ghee is produced.

This is the best process to make the ghee from milk. The Gir Cow ghee is the best high quality ghee among all cow ghee on this earth. Since we feed more food and quality food including ayurvedic medicine, this ghee is very costly. Gir Cow are also costly in price when we purchase. We take care of these cows at very higher level.

Gir cow ghee is used for medicinal purpose in Ayurveda and it gives best result.

If anyone eat one spoon ghee in the morning daily before eating anything, then it increases body power, brain power and sperm of that person.

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