Why Organic Products

Why Organic Products

Nowadays health is a major factor to take care in our life. People are facing many health issues and spent lot of money behind it. When falling ill, people experience problems and facing much pain. In addition to that they have to do much expense to cure the illness. The main reason for poor health and poor brain power is poor food. The products which are grown or manufactured by using the fertilizers and pesticides are very dangerous to our health. It causes Cancer, Blood Pressure (BP), Cholesterol, Diabetes, Thyroid and many more diseases. The Immunity of body and stamina affects because of this chemical mixed food. This food products also affects Memory Power and Thinking power of brain.

In nutshell, The expenses are going high and health is going low. Pain and suffering is extra in addition to this. So to prevent from these issues Organic Products are must.

Economy Booster & Swadeshi – All Organic Products are majorly swadeshi means Indian. This will give boost to Indian Economy. The cow dung is used as manure. So gopalak will get good money out of cow dung. On other side India is importing fertilizers and gives subsidy in big amount. So all those subsidy money will be saved and fertilizer’s costing money will remain in India. So India will become self dependent and Indian economy will become more powerful.

Ahimsa – Organic Farming required cow dung as a manure. So Organic Products will make cow dung important. To get cow dung we will require as many cows as possible. So if cow is not giving milk even though cow will be useful for cow dung. Because of this use, cow owner will not send cow to slaughter house. This will save many cows.

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